7 Reasons To Redesign The Existing Website For Your Business

Once in place, many business owners make little to no change to their existing website. However, there are times when a change of website design can be of benefit. This is similar to your shop layout. Sometimes, moving things around encourages customers to look around as opposed to just going for the things that they always go for. A redesign may also help to freshen up the place and online and offline, this can be of benefit to your business. If you are looking to grab attention and ultimately gain more customers, these are 7 reasons to redesign the existing website for your business.

1. It isn’t a success
Let’s face it, if you aren’t generating leads or making sales, no matter how pretty the existing design, then it’s time for optimisation or perhaps a complete redesign. Especially since a business website needs to be fit for purpose and it needs to provide people with what they want so that they can become leads and eventually customers. Thus if your website isn’t doing this, you need to think about changing the layout, shape, or content.

2. Your business or site purpose has changed
Businesses evolve and change over time and it is important to ensure your website evolves and stays relevant for purpose. If your website was initially set up to provide information but you now want to make sales on your site, it is clear that you need to change the nature of your site. This is not a difficult task provided of course you have some clear goals for the new site and select the right professionals to work with.

3. The site isn’t user friendly or easy to navigate
You may think that you can find everything you need on your site but can your prospects or customers? If you are familiar with your site, you will know where everything is but first time users may find it difficult to get around the site. You must always think of the end user when creating your site and if your current site is not easy site to navigate, it may be best to rip it up and start again, with a clear and concise navigational process in place.

4. You have a clear design or re-design strategy
If you have analysed the data for your site, clearly defined goals to be achieved from a redesign, studied other websites and found a professional firm who can help you achieve, you should make the change. If you can make the site more exciting through content and imagery, innovating but also easier to use through various features, you will find that you get more visitors and you can turn these visitors into customers. Don’t forget that the launch of a new look site also gives you a reason to court publicity and attract new people to your site.

5. You can utilise content better
The old saying that “content is King” is still very true and the importance of good quality content on making sales and attributing to good quality SEO remains important. If your current site doesn’t help with attracting visitors or search engines, you need to revise your site. Great quality content remains at the heart of Caribbean marketing services and you should be looking to showcase good quality content all times.

6. Your peers and rivals have changed
No business can operates in a vacuum and changes made by your peers and rivals will affect you. If all of the other sites in our industry have improved and changed their outlook and you haven’t, your site will look old fashioned and out of touch. This is why it can be crucial at times to redesign your site just to stay in touch.

7. The 3rd party tools you use are outdated
If widgets, apps and other third party elements on your site are no longer working or effective, make a change. While it may not be your fault if these things don’t work, people will see your site as the problem and this is why you need to be responsible and make changes.

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