How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Social media platforms present a near perfect opportunity for businesses to position themselves and engage with customers and prospects in a meaningful way. One of the largest is Twitter, which has more than 500 million users around the world. Thus it is easy to understand why a lot of businesses are keen to have a

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Using Instagram To Market Your Caribbean Travel Business

Every business should look to make the most of the natural resources at its disposal. If you are located in the Caribbean and offer a travel related product or service, while there may be challenges, count your blessings. People from all over the world dream about heading to the Caribbean for the sun, the glorious

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What Google’s Hummingbird Means For Your SEO Strategy

Is there anything more frightening for an Internet marketer or an online business than the phrase “changes to Google”? When Google changes its algorithms, there is a fear that all of your hard work will be undone and that your business will sink down the rankings. This can be soul destroying for many businesses and

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Using Storytelling To Effectively Market Your Business

Storytelling remains one of the most important ways to get a message or idea across. This has been the case throughout history and you should know that the vast majority of stories told to children focus on giving them ideas or information about how to make the most of their life. Storytelling allows you to

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