How Businesses Should Develop Their Website Blog

When it comes to marketing your business, there are many ways to achieve success. Just as importantly, not all of these methods have to cost a lot of money. You may not have thought of a blog as being an integral element of your online business, but it represents a tremendous way for businesses to

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Montserrat Festival

Case Study – Montserrat Festival

CLIENT: MONTSERRAT FESTIVAL Services: Online/Digital Public Relations + Social Media Management – Facebook Montserrat, the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, was celebrating its 50th festival in December 2012. While it was a milestone year for the annual cultural festival, the marketing budget was still limited. Moxee Marketing was engaged by the Marketing Officer for the

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Businesswoman working on laptop at office. Photo Credit: © Wavebreakmedia via DepositPhotos.

How Businesses Can Nurture Leads Via Email Marketing

An important thing to remember in business is that not everything is about the here and now. A lot of the good things you do in business may not bring you sales today, but they could create the platform for your business to make a lot of sales in the future. It is often difficult

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Beautiful smiling mixed race businesswoman dressed casual sitting in office and using laptop. Photo Credit: © nesharm via DepositPhotos.

How Businesses Can Become More Media Friendly

The investment required to adequately market a business can be off-putting to many small to medium size business (SME) owners. They view the investment as a gamble at the best of times, as without a clear strategy, a lot of money and effort can be wasted with little to no positive return. This is why

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Generate More Leads and Sales. Photo Credit: © Olivier26 via DepositPhotos.

How Businesses Can Boost Sales Without Always Offering A Discount

When businesses experience a drop in sales or are suffering a sluggish period, it is inevitable that many will attempt to lift themselves out of their slump by discounting their prices. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for dropping prices, such as clearing stock before it becomes out of date or out of fashion. However, all

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