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How Businesses Can Boost Traffic To Their Website

If your business had an unlimited budget, getting traffic to your site would be no problem at all. But in the current economic climate, think its safe to say that very few if any businesses have an unlimited budget. Heck, the reality is that most probably have minimal budget to entice people to their site. Some businesses will have no budget at all. This can be infuriating and make growing your business a difficult task but it is far from being an impossible job. Having a modest budget can help but there are plenty of ways in which you can drive more traffic towards your business website without breaking the bank.


Some tactics you should consider using include to boost traffic include:
• Creating rich snippets that describe what your site offers
• Build better internal links
• Focus on long-tail keywords
• Utilise compelling Meta descriptions and tags
• Google Authorship

All of these tactics can boost the traffic you receive and there is no reason why you cannot carry out most, if not all, of these tasks by yourself. It is always possible to outsource certain tasks if you lack confidence or skills but a business can save time and take greater control over these elements if they learn how to do them themselves.

Rich snippets are a great way to increase the value of your listings on search engines. Being ranked on a search engine is important but you are still competing against rival firms on the search engine page. A rich snippet provides a brief summary of the data that users will find on your page. Snippets can include product price, reviews or even the availability of your site. If you have a product aspect or feature that you are competitive with, including it here can entice more visitors to your site from a search engine page. Similar to rich snippets is the use of Meta descriptions and tags that help search engines to find you and to rank you more effectively when people are looking for what you offer.

Build your internal links
When it comes to getting links, a lot of people focus on getting links from other sites. This is important but sometimes you don’t have the greatest level of control over these aspects. However, it is possible to influence search engines by improving your own internal linking. Firstly, you can take control over traffic to your site by creating influential links on your own site. This is where you single out the important pages on your site and start placing internal links to direct people to these pages. You should be sure to use anchor text that is relevant to the keyword you wish your business to be ranked for. Once you have implemented these links, search engines will take note of the traffic flow and keywords on your site. They will then recognise these aspects of being where you want to be found and how you want to be found, which is what they will pass on to searchers who are looking for the services that you can provide.

While content has always been crucial in being ranked on search engines and being relevant to users, the use of keywords has changed considerably in recent years. The algorithms used by search engines are more complex and advanced than ever before. This means that they are looking deeper at what a customer is looking for. This is where a long-tail keyword, which adds more to the standard keyword term, will be of benefit.

Instances which can be included in the long-tail keyword include:
• Location
• Desired results
• Timeliness

An example for a restaurant or retailer could be “Jamaican food that is good for the skin”.

The initial keyword would be food, but by adding Jamaican, it narrows down the scope of search but also adds more relevancy. Similarly, the “good for the skin” section would be perfect for a store or restaurant selling healthy food that provides skin care benefits. People are looking for more focused results from searches these days and they are practically having a conversation with Google. A lot of the changes in the way search engines operate these days revolves around the increasing use of voice activated questions. As more people speak to their smartphones and ask questions, the more search engines will provide answers in a conversation, which is where long-term keywords will help your business to become more relevant.

Google authorship can be set up simply through Google+ and it means your business results ion Google will have your face on the page. This draws attention to your content and it helps to position you, and your business, as being an expert that be relied upon. Reputation is everything in the online environment and building Google authorship will boost your reputation greatly.

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