Developing A Content Marketing Plan For Your Business

When developing a content marketing plan for your business, it is important to remember that content can be delivered in many different ways. The default position for most businesses is web content with articles and blog pages but you are not limited to these options. It can be helpful to think about your users and how they access your site. It may be that the use of video content or concise infographics will help you connect better to your user. It can be helpful to be open to different ideas before you begin your content marketing plan. The options that are right for your business and customers will become more apparent as you walk through the steps of the content marketing process.


A content marketing plan should consist of these elements
• Planning and setting goals
• Who are you reaching out to
• The story you wish to offer
• What channels can you use
• The content creation process
• Engaging with customers
• Analysing and reviewing

Everything a business does should start with a planning stage, where they set goals and aims for the project. This is as true for a business website as it is their production strategy or employment process. Knowing what you are looking to achieve or what you hope for from a campaign can help to focus what you need to do. A business that is looking for considerable growth or change is likely to have to work hard to achieve this. It is also crucial to set goals, as this provides a focus and it allows a proper review to be undertaken. Many businesses utilise a SMART format when setting goals. This means that their goals are:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Realistic
• Timed

Applying a SMART application to your goals (with clearly defined points and with noted dates for review) provides the platform for growth.

Knowing your own business is one thing but it is also important to know your consumers. This is where it is important to know who you are reaching out to. Businesses should undertake market research on their customers or the customers that they are looking to reach. Knowing how this audience uses the internet and likes to engage will provide a great basis for moving the content development process forward.
You have to know your audience

Knowing what you have to offer and knowing what your customers are looking for creates the situation where you can create the story to promote. This will showcase what you have to offer and how it can meet the needs and benefits of your clients. Combining these two elements is a crucial part of the business process, so make sure that your capabilities and attributes can be of benefit to the consumers.

Once you have your story and message in place, knowing how to deliver it is important. This is where the use of various systems, including social media, can be of benefit to a firm. Offering web page content is a starting point but offering engaging videos and interactive content will help customers to view your brand and business in a more popular or friendly light. With video, images, web content, social media and offline promotional activities available, there are plenty of ways to ensure your audience receives great quality content.

Once the content has been created and delivered, there needs to be interaction and engagement with clients. This feedback can ensure you are meeting the needs of your market and making them feel that you are a friendly customer. Businesses can no longer get away with having a “one-way” communication channel with customers. Engaging with clients and customers is integral to modern day business success.

Once a campaign has been concluded, it is important to review its success. This is where the aims outlined at the start of the campaign provide the basis for measuring success. This can determine any faults in the campaign, any successes and points of note for future campaigns.

Developing a content marketing plan is no guarantee of success but it will provide firms with a greater opportunity to achieve success or to realise why their campaign wasn’t a success.

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