Getting A New Website For Your Business: Consider A Responsive Design

If you have an Internet site to promote and provide information about your business, well done. Surprisingly, many businesses, even some looking for clients from abroad still resist and are relying on third party social media sites like Facebook for their web presence. This is a flawed strategy as while these sites with their vaste audience can definitely help bring awareness of one’s business, there is only so much information that can be placed on these sites and ultimately people prefer to do business with a company that has invested in their own web presence. Thus, a website is no longer a luxury but a must have, whether you are a hotel, fashion designer or musician.

That all being said, for those looking to set up a new website or redesign an existing one to improve the user experience and increase conversion rate, should consider one that has responsive web design. Why? Well not only are people accessing the Internet from their pc or laptop but more and more are accessing from their tablet or smartphone. Thus in order to provide an optimal viewing experience (easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling), it make sense for your site to be multifunctional. But rather than creating different websites for different users or devices, developing a responsive website, which can change to best suit the device of the user is the most sensible option and this is something that all businesses need to consider when getting a new website to promote their business.

Cut down costs and get better results
There are many benefits of using a responsive design rather than having two separate websites. One site will ultimately be more affordable than two and also easier to manage long term. So invest in one well designed website that can react and respond to the needs of all of your users.

Plus there is also a lot to be said for choosing a responsive website design with respect to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you have two or more websites for different devices, this will be splitting traffic towards you and Google is likely to treat all of the different sites as different entities. Collectively, the interest and benefit in your site may be enough to see it ranked highly on Google for your relevant search terms but if Google is treating your laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet set-ups as being separate entities, it is easy to see why you may not be getting as much respect and admiration on site as you would hope for.

Another big element for promoting strong SEO comes with the fact that a user will find the option that suits them. If a mobile user lands on a site that has been designed for desktops and looks unwieldy or cumbersome, they will likely click off the site very quickly. This will impact on Google’s ranking of the site, forcing it down the list. If a number of guests land on your site and then immediately jump away from your site, you will be penalised with respect to SEO and ranking online. This is why having a responsive site that provides the user with a set-up and system that is tailored to their needs will help to minimise this sort of situation arising.

Overall, taking a proactive approach to creating a fluid and responsive site is definitely the best way to ensure that your business will look great for anyone who looks to visit your site. And fear not, you don’t have to blow the budget to get a decent responsive site. As those just starting out can select one of the many responsive WordPress themes and work with a developer who can easily customise.

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