The Importance Of Imagery In Promoting Your Business

When promoting your business online, you need to balance the needs of search engines like Google with the needs of the people who will use your site. You will also need to balance providing relevant information with good visual hooks that will draw people in. Combining imagery with keyword rich text is the way to balance and meet the needs of both.

Take advantage of the beautiful sights of the Caribbean
For example, if your business is based in the Caribbean, it makes sense to showcase appropriate imagery. Meaning, when people think of the Caribbean, some think of sun, sand and all the various outdoor nature or water activities. Others might think about the fruits, delicious food, drinks (mostly rum) and all the various festivals and carnivals. This is all part of the mental association that comes with the Caribbean and this is where websites and businesses can create a link where appropriate between their firm and the beauty of the Caribbean.

Whether you use your own images to showcase the views or sights from your premises or you use stock images,images help to add personality to the brand. Plus it is a very sensible way to make your company stand out from the crowd. Also, given that the number of people who access the Internet on the smartphones and tablets is rising, it makes sense to offer more images. Pictures lend themselves very well to smaller screen sizes and people are less inclined to read a lot of text on these mobile devices. Providing people with a more up-front representation of what you offer is perfect for these modern marketing times.

Appeal to search engines
While using great images is a brilliant way of marketing your businesses to people, when used and tagged correctly, images are also brilliant for enticing search engines to your site. You can title and tag your images with keyword terms that will help direct people to what you are offering.

With respect to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), keeping visitors on a page is crucial and this is where images can help to keep you higher positioned in the search engine rankings. If a user finds your page and zips through it quickly before linking off of your site, this will be recognised by the search engines. However, if they find an image they love and linger on your page to admire the picture and click through to other pages, it will be recognised that your site has content of merit. This will help to push the ranking of your site upwards on search engines like Google.

Be quicker and more active on social media
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for reaching out to users and for spreading viral content. This is where having good quality images can make much more of a stir than simply written text. If you want to grab people’s attention in the modern online era, you need to do it quickly and this is where a high quality image can make all the difference. If you have a stunning image, a funny image or an image that captures your business, you should find that people are willing to share it with their friends, increasing the exposure for your site.

No matter what part of promoting your business you are keen to focus on, you’ll find that images can play a massive role in creating the platform for success.

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