How To Optimizing Your Business Website

While having a website is a brilliant way to boost your business, it is just the first step of what you should be doing to promote your company. A website by itself is not going to bring in new customers or ensure you have plenty of traffic towards your site. There is a need to optimize your business website to ensure that the people you want to find your site can find it. There are many different ways in which you can optimize your site, which means that no matter what business you have, or who you are targeting, there will be ways to optimize your site.

How to optimize your business website 

  • Target the right keywords (Search Engine Optimization)
  • A cohesive content marketing plan
  • Using various forms of content
  • Running an on-site blog
  • Social media integration

All of these options can positively impact how optimized your business wesite is and how easy it is to reach out to an audience.


Before you start to optimize your business website, you need to think about what you offer and who your audience is. This may require varying content based on the different user personas visiting your site. This is necessary even if the products/services you offer are the same. Basically, people engage/buy for various reasons and if you intend to reach a certain demographic, you need to ensure your content is aimed at this market.

You may have heard about the recent changes on Google (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) and wondered how this affects what you place on your website. The good news is that these latest changes help businesses that offer good quality and reliable content. If you are targeting a particular market for your business, good quality content, updated regularly, will see you rank better on search engines.

The use of targetted keywords has always been important for websites, and they remain crucial, even after all of these Google updates. The important thing to think about in promoting your business is what customers are looking for. If you can picture yourself as a potential customer looking to buy a product or service, what would you type into Google?

These are the keywords you are looking for. If you are a fashion designer selling women’s clothes, you want to think about keyword terms that include “women’s clothes” and then you need to dig deeper with respect to the keyword. If you sell a particular style of women’s clothes, this style should also be included in your keywords. If your operations are primarily based in a city or country, it can be helpful to include the location in your keyword terms. Also, if you compete in a certain market or on a particular selling point, this should be included in your market.

This means that you have moved on from thinking about women’s clothes to focusing on keywords that include:

  •  Style of women’s clothes – for example, skirt, blouse, sarong
  • Location – for example, Saint Martin, Jamaica, Tobago
  • Selling point – for example, affordable, high-quality, luxurious

This means you could focus on keyword terms like “high-quality sarongs in Tobago” or “Luxurious Saint Martin skirts”.

Keyword terms have always been important but the current focus, and one which businesses can benefit from, dig a little deeper to provide more information to customers.

The good thing about keyword content is that it can be included in everything you do. It is good to have articles or web pages with your keyword content but it should be contained in images, infographics, and even video content. Video content is crucial in being ranked highly on search engines and pleasing customers.

If you are a business appealing to holidaymakers, make sure you use video footage of the destination, as this is what people want to see before they travel. Your keywords can be used to attract search engine terms while the video content will keep people on your page for longer.

No matter what content you use, making sure it is focused on your customers and their needs or requirements will help you to achieve more success.

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