Setting Up and Managing Your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for helping you “measure your advertising return on investment as well as tracking your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.” Thus, as you develop your website and run online marketing campaigns, you can use it to:

• Set goals specific to each campaign
• Track the activity and conversions for each goal
• Tag your campaigns and ensure you know the costing of your campaigns
• Provide context and descriptions for your data
• Use dashboards that make it easier to keep track of your data
• Run experiment to see which campaign pages convert better

Top tips for effective use of Google Search on a budget
Businesses that have a limited budget need to be able to work smarter within their constraints. It is still possible to use Google Analytics and Adworks with a limited budget, but you should look to get more value from all of your activities. Some tips to consider are:
• Using only on Google Search
• Thoroughly research your keywords in advance – including long tail keywords
• Use Geotargetting to get local or specific location views
• Use Dayparting to ensure you promote during business hours
• Target specific devices
These overview points will help you to make the most of your budget and time.

The importance of using Google Search comes from the fact that the quality of leads are better from Google Search. The Google Display network is always applicable for use with advertising but leads generated from here are not as qualified and are often lacking in efficiency. This is why businesses on a budget should utilise Google Search.

Using the right keyword search terms is crucial and if you are working with a limited budget, you need to make sure that every term is efficient and right for your business. This is vital and if you lack the time or ability to properly search for these keywords, hire a professional. Even on a limited budget, the return that comes from investing in the right keywords is likely to be of greater return and benefit.

After all of the recent Google changes, long tail keywords are more important. This is because they are specific and they are targeted. If you are looking to reach out to a certain audience, make sure that you use targeted long trail keywords in your analysis and planning.

Reach out to the market you want to sell or promote to
In addition to introducing a local element into your keyword terms, using geotargetting is a great way to ensure that your adverts are reaching people who are relevant to you. This means your ads can be focused on local consumers although they can be directed towards a market in a different country or area. Given that many businesses focus on attracting customers beyond their local area, this can be a highly effective tool.

It may be that you want your ads to run at a certain time of day. Given that most people will clink links there and then, as opposed to saving them for later, many firms will see a benefit in only promoting during business hours. This means you are more likely to be able to offer advice or guidance if a client clicks through to your site and then calls or sends an email.

Conversely, you may have a target market that is more prominent late at night. By using dayparting, you can more effectively reach out to your intended audience.

Another really important tool for many businesses is the ability to target mobile devices separately from tablets and PCs/desktops. This is handy because it allows you to create ads that are perfect for the medium but also because of the different nature of the user. If you are a bar or a restaurant, you may find that people who search for you or similar businesses on their mobile are actually out and about. This is where you want to be promoting what you offer now or have available. This may be different from the desktop advert, which can be more about promoting your brand and the overall high level of service that is provided by your bar or restaurant.

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