Top 5 Social Media Sites To Promote Your Business

Using social media to promote your business is a great idea and there are plenty of social media sites to choose from. It is important to choose the one that is the best fit for your business and which will allow you to reach out to the audience you are looking for. The top 5 social media sites to promote your business are likely to be: Facebook, Twitter, google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram.


When it comes to social media, Facebook is the number one site. This is the site where people are most likely on, and if you want to go where the people are, use Facebook. It is important to use Facebook wisely though. You cannot treat your Facebook page as a standard business page where you promote your business at all times.

Being on social media, particularly Facebook requires an engaging and friendly manner. You should be looking to interact with your followers and provide them with reasons to like your page. Once you have this and you can keep them occupied, you will find that people will take an interest in your posts. This will create a positive association in their minds about your business.

After Facebook, Twitter is the most important social media site and it is great for businesses. Twitter allows real time responses and you can engage with your customers immediately. Some people believe that the 140 character limit will limit your communication but it can be a positive thing. With a set amount of space, you have to provide focused and directly targeted tweets. You should look to engage and educate on Twitter.

Creating a presence on GooglePlus brings dividends
While some people will point to YouTube as being the next important social media site, there is an argument to say that GooglePlus is the place to be. While the true benefits of GooglePlus have not been realised, the number of people who are coming on to the site every day, week and month makes it essential to have a presence on your business.

The power of Google is the important thing here. Google is driving their users to sign up for GooglePlus and there is a strong suspicion that GooglePlus elements will feed into the search engine algorithms of the site. Every business wants to be found on Google, so it makes sense to partner with the company. Having a presence on GooglePlus is ideal for the long term benefits it will likely bring to a firm.

Pinterest and Instagram are not the most obvious social media choices but they can provide a lot of healthy and positive engagement with companies. Pinterest has grown rapidly in recent years and it is a brilliant way for firms to be recommended by other users. Creating your own Pinterest board showing your products being used or how to get the best from their use will help people to see the best of your firm. Pins can be easily shared and this is where Pinterest comes into its own. If you are able to tap into the mind-set of your customer base, you will find that recommendations spread very quickly. In the business world, positive word of mouth promotion is one of the most effective ways to promote a business.

Instagram is a perfect platform for showcasing your products or services in the best light. This social media platform, primarily for pictures, integrates perfectly with Twitter and it should be used in conjunction with that site. Instagram allows a company to develop a fan base in a short period of time and there is little need to create content. If you believe that a picture can paint a thousand words, Instagram is the site for your business.

If you operate in the business to business (B2B) sector, you may want to think about replacing Pinterest or Instagram with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses to connect with suppliers, customers, important people and potential networking partners. Being able to communicate directly with partners, suppliers and agents in a business like setting is a more effective way to do business for many firms.

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