How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

If you want to promote your business, it makes sense to be where your audience is. In the modern era, social networks like Facebook with over 1 billion users are ideal platforms to find new prospects as well as communicate with existing clients.

Social Networks

The big factor to remember about social media is that people are not necessarily there to buy products or hear information from companies. People use sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to hang out, relax, chat with their friends and have fun. Many companies fail in this medium because they refuse or are unable to adapt to what people want from these sites. It is important to have a presence on these sites but there needs to be engagement and interaction with users on these sites. Any business that attempts to talk at customers, as opposed to talking with customers, on social media sites will find that they fail to promote their business.

Facebook is a perfect place to engage with customers
If you are looking to have people to come to your business page on Facebook, you need to give them a reason to. By providing a special offer, at least once a month, you will provide a reason for a customer to sign up for your business page. Getting a like from Facebook customers has to be earned but once you earn the like, you have an easy way to approach people who are interested in the products or services that you sell.

You can’t be continually selling on Facebook. There is a need to ask questions and have some fun. Creating a poll can be an easy way to ask fun questions of your Facebook followers that will have them engaging with your site. If a customer starts to think of your business as a friend, you will be thought of in a positive fashion. This creates a great platform for future sales and for these customers recommending your services or products to a friend. Regular engagement also ensures that the friends of your followers will see them interact on your site, which will hopefully entice them to come and visit your page as well.

Tying the questions in with what you offer (in a subtle fashion) can also provide great customer insight. A site that sells clothing can ask a question of which colour clothing people like to wear on a night out. If there is a clear favourite when it comes to what people like to wear, you should start to produce more products in this colour.

Twitter is the perfect medium to interact with customers
Some companies may find the short nature of Twitter messages to be prohibitive to promoting but this is not the case. Twitter is a great way to prove short messages and to engage in real time with consumers. Twitter is developing and it is easy to provide links, images and videos, so it is simple enough to provide more information about your business.

Twitter should be a fun way to engage and you can provide quirky stories about your business. It is also an ideal way to provide tips on how to use your product or service properly. If you sell a food product, you can send out meal tips or links to recipes. If you sell clothing, tip the best way to wash the clothes or provide links on accessories that will look fabulous with the clothing.

Providing tips on how to get the best from your products without actually promoting your product directly will appeal to many consumers. There is no need to be continually promoting directly on social media, but you can create a more positive image and identity around your firm.

The clue to getting the most out of social media is in the name. If you are social and friendly, you will find that you get a lot more in return for your work on social media sites.

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