How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Social media platforms present a near perfect opportunity for businesses to position themselves and engage with customers and prospects in a meaningful way. One of the largest is Twitter, which has more than 500 million users around the world. Thus it is easy to understand why a lot of businesses are keen to have a presence on this platform.

Twitter is different from most other platforms as it restricts communication to 140 characters. Many businesses will think this is a negative point but it should be seen as a positive. People are busy so being able to get your point across in a quick and clever fashion will help your firm to communicate in an engaging manner with clients and potential customers. There is a great potential for using Twitter as a promotional tool but you have to make sure that you use it right.

Basic tips for using Twitter to market your business include:
• Have a plan of how you will communicate
• Listen to others and engage with your Twitter followers
• Try and add value to conversation
• Update at least once a day
• Ensure your profile and biography is up to date and relevant to your business.
• Ensure your biography has a link to your business website
• Using your own image for the avatar creates a more personal feel as opposed to making it feel like a generic business account
• Hashtags can help to provide context to posts or reach out to a new audience
• Images, hashtags and asking for RTs can improve engagement but use them sparingly

This may seem like a lot of rules but they don’t take long to work out and set up. Having a plan for your tweeting style will help you to be consistent. Do you want to be funny or informative? Are you focusing solely on business or do you want to be seen as being part of your local area? Of course you can mix and match ideas but there should always be an overlying idea or identity.

Always try to add value
It is always important to add value and engage with others. This doesn’t just mean selling and promoting. It can be nice to have conversations with people or make comments about local stories or entertainment stories. Showing that your company has a personal side is a great way to boost your business and come across in a better light.

However, there always need to be a focus on business, so make sure that your Twitter account is professional set up and that there is always a way for people to find your website or business details. Twitter can also be a bad tool if used incorrectly so make sure you know the things that you shouldn’t do on Twitter.

Here are some things you don’t want to do on Twitter
• Don’t mass follow when you first sign up – post a few tweets and then build slowly
• Always think before you tweet – Is this something you are happy for your business to say?
• A direct message (DM) is often a better way to communicate than a mass update
• Don’t clog up your timeline with retweets or thank you messages.
• Don’t be fooled into thinking that a lot of followers means you are successful in business.

Again, these are simple steps and it is much better to grow organically. Don’t buy followers or go on a spree when you first sign up. People are suspicious of accounts that try too hard. Keep things simple and try to remain focused and relevant at all times. You’ll hopefully find that Twitter is a lot of fun and it can really boost your business.

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