Using Instagram To Market Your Caribbean Travel Business

Every business should look to make the most of the natural resources at its disposal. If you are located in the Caribbean and offer a travel related product or service, while there may be challenges, count your blessings. People from all over the world dream about heading to the Caribbean for the sun, the glorious beaches and the laid back way of life. As everyday life in North America/Europe becomes more depressing and the weather becomes ever more depressing, the thought of escaping it all and heading off to sunnier climes becomes a major factor for most people. This is where a Caribbean business focused on the tourism sector should be looking to position itself.

If you can show people images of your resort, the beautiful views, the beaches and the great service that is on offer, people will want to come and see you. Whether you are looking to reach out to the Caribbean Diaspora or newcomers who are looking for the perfect sunshine break, images can paint a million words, let alone a thousand. This means finding a social media site that encourages photographs and allows engagement with customers should be an integral part of the business plan for a Caribbean travel business. This is why Caribbean travel businesses should have a presence on Instagram.

Instagram is the perfect place for photographs and it doesn’t cost any money to join up. You also don’t need any specialist equipment to create great pictures. If you have access to the most stunning views and backdrops from your hotel or you run a general Caribbean travel business, all you need to do is get out and about with a camera. Let’s face it, most of use smartphones these days, so we always have a camera in our pocket, with us at all times. A business can encourage their employees to take pictures of the stunning views and the brilliant lifestyle that is available in the Caribbean. Depending on the nature and makeup of your business, you may want to limit access to your Instagram account to a select few employees, but no matter who uses it, there is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business with excellent images.

With a couple of simple tips, you can generate interest and ensure people find your images after you post them:
• Add a caption that contains relevant and useful information about the information
• Use a hashtag for your business, the island and Caribbean
• Make sure that it is Geo-tagged for your local area
• Cross-post the image onto other social media sites

These tips will make your image easier to find, easier for people to comment on and it will be much easier for people to engage and interact with your firm. Instagram is not idea for sharing images, there is no immediate retweet style of action, although some apps provide a workaround. However, by linking Instagram to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can gain more exposure and you can increase the likelihood of people finding and sharing your images.

Make it easier for people to find your images
Hashtags are important because if people are looking for a beach holiday or a Caribbean trip, they may search on #beach #Caribbeanbreak, which means if they do, you can be in prime position to give these people what they are looking for. Similarly, if you tag your picture with the geographical location, people looking for images of holiday destinations will come across yours.

People will research areas and locations before they book holidays and social media sites play a great role in convincing people of what an area has to offer. If your images are picking up praise and being shared, your business will receive recommendations that really count. This is likely to have a positive impact on your business with respect to reaching out to a foreign market.

Caribbean travel businesses have a head start thanks to their location and access to natural beauty. It is up to the business itself to take advantage of the benefits it has been provided with.

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