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Press Release Ideas To Promote Your Business

Press releases are a fantastic way to promote your business, but a press release has to contain a news element. This is where many businesses struggle to find the right news story for their press release. It can be difficult to continuously think of a new idea to promote your company, but it may be easier than you think.

Press release ideas

The following ideas are all great reasons to write and distribute a press release for your business:

  • Company growth, strategy shifts, or milestones
  • New products or product changes
  • Pricing promotions
  • Trends in the market and thought leadership reports
  • Customer satisfaction results
  • Changes to branding or new branding
  • Work carried out in the local community or charity work
  • Events
  • Communications of a legal or crisis management nature

These different aspects can provide the platform to write a winning press release about your company. Using these ideas as the basis for your press release should provide the opportunity to regularly create press releases.

Using a milestone or company growth aspect for your press release can be of great benefit. It allows you to create a positive press release about an aspect of your business, and it provides an immediate aspect for news reporters to base the story around. People like to see local companies do well, which is good for the economy. If your business is celebrating a birthday or you have welcomed your 1,000th customer through your store, creating a press release is a great way to mark the occasion. There is an obvious news angle, and readers will associate your name with success, which means if they need a product or service in the future, your business will come to mind.

A new product is a perfect reason to issue a press release

New products or changes to an existing product range are an extremely obvious angle for a press release. The news angle is the product itself, which means that your product or service will be the focus of the press release. If your product or service is of benefit to the local community or it is of interest to the audience, it can provide an easy way for newscasters or websites to provide focused content to their audience.

It can be helpful to bear in mind that news sites and TV channels have their own audience to think about. This means that they have to provide news stories that their audience wants to hear about and which will have an impact on their life. A business selling products to local consumers will be relevant to a local audience. Equally, if your business is focused on reaching out to the foreign market, it will be important to target sites that have an audience that will benefit from hearing what your product range is. Tailoring the content so that it promotes your products to your audience and the audience of the news source will ensure that your press releases are a huge success.

Similarly, if you have a price promotion, this is an angle that will appeal to the end user, creating the demand for news sources to use the story to reach out to their audience.

It may be that you want to position yourself as a market leader or an important company in your chosen industry. Creating press releases detailing your thoughts on industry changes or delivering the thoughts of your CEO can be of benefit. In many cases, you can react to a genuine news story and then get your business promoted in the follow-up news stories.

It may be that a shortage of ingredients or materials could lead to a price increase in products or services that you offer. This is itself is a news story, but by issuing a press release offering your opinion on the story, the story can become about your business.

If you are undertaking work in your local community or hosting an event, it is important to spread the word. Press releases can boost your firm as well as boost charities or local groups. This is the sort of story that press sources love and is ideal for a press release.

There are many ideas to base a press release on, so be creative when promoting your business.

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