What Google’s Hummingbird Means For Your SEO Strategy

Is there anything more frightening for an Internet marketer or an online business than the phrase “changes to Google”? When Google changes its algorithms, there is a fear that all of your hard work will be undone and that your business will sink down the rankings. This can be soul-destroying for many businesses, and the changes to Hummingbird have caused many people to sit up and take notice.

There has been a lot of talk about the big changes with the Hummingbird update and what it means for your Search Engine Optimization SEO strategy. One good thing about the changes implemented with Hummingbird is that it should be seen as a natural evolution. Particularly as the way most people have used the Internet has changed over the years. Google has responded to these changes, and if you are looking to keep on track with Google Hummingbird, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be more mobile
  • Engage in a conversation
  • Be fresher and be more relevant

When it comes to Internet usage, the numbers don’t lie. The amount of people accessing the Internet via smartphones or tablet devices is on the up. This is impacting the content that people are looking to see. The optimum length of a page or article has always been a hot topic, and this continues to be the case with Hummingbird and for mobile users. SEO experts have always erred on the side of being longer with respect to boosting SEO purposes. However, no one wants to read long passages on a smartphone; they probably don’t even want to do it on a tablet. This means more effective content has to be created. If the article or story requires length, that is fine but break up the page. If the article or story doesn’t require length, then make it shorter. Focus more on pleasing the customer than working for SEO first and the customer later.

The switch to mobile content means using more images and video content on your page as well. If you can get your point across in a video, do so, as this is more likely to get your message across. It will help to keep people on the page, and it will boost SEO. If you are not already thinking about video content, it is time to do so.

Another massive thing about Hummingbird is that conversation is in. Again, mobile users can ask questions of Google, which means you want to be in a position to answer that question. Long-tail keywords that make sense and are relevant to questions will help your business be found by the people that really need you. This is where fresh and relevant content that is focused on what you offer and how it can help people will make all the difference in being found and encouraging people to take action.

Hummingbird hasn’t changed everything

It is important to know that Hummingbird hasn’t changed everything with respect to search engine optimization; the following truisms are still true:

• Original content that engages is still great for SEO
• Backlinks that have been earned and are in legitimate sources are still valid
• Keywords remain crucial and need to be used effectively

Whenever Google makes a change, there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth about sites that previously ranked highly now disappearing from the front pages of the search engine. Such is the nature of Google that if you are not upfront, your business is nowhere. While it is not true to say about every company suffers when Google changes its algorithms, there is a common theme that the sites that suffer are the ones that have used underhand tactics to rank. This is why the latest Google changes present a challenge, but if your site is updated well and is focused on what you aim to deliver, the new Google shouldn’t disrupt your business too badly.

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