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Why Caribbean Based Businesses Should Market To The Caribbean Diaspora

Caribbean Businesses looking to attract customers from across the globe should focus some attention on the Caribbean Diaspora market. Mainly as these are people who share a common heritage and have strong connections to the region and perhaps even the products/services on offer and so it will be somewhat easier to position with this group who have tremendous economic power. Plus a large percentage of the Caribbean Diaspora is well-educated, affluent, and wants to engage deeper with the region. The economic power of the Caribbean Diaspora is showcased in a recent documentary shot in nine countries titled Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora.

Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora

Forward Home highlights the experience of members of the Caribbean Diaspora who straddle the dual worlds of their Caribbean homelands and global cities like Amsterdam, New York, London, Toronto, etc., making contributions back to their homeland, whether through remittances, trade, community development, travel, and other monetary or in-kind contributions.

The documentary was shot by the award-winning filmmaking team of Producer-Director, Lisa Wickham, CEO of Image Media International, and Director of Photography Sheldon Felix. Together, the duo transformed two years of research by renowned economist and creative industries specialist Dr. Keith Nurse into a compelling 50-minute documentary film. Check out the extended promo for the documentary below.

So if you are a Caribbean business and not yet marketing to the Caribbean Diaspora, have a think about the sort of marketing plan that you can put in place — especially if your product or services are geared towards visitors coming to the island. As Forward Home points out, diasporic tourism to the region is huge and should not be ignored. For larger islands like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, it is estimated that the share of diasporic tourism within the economy is 30% – 35% and 45%, respectively.

For smaller islands like Suriname and Guyana, this share surpasses 60% – 62% and 66%, respectively. So don’t ignore or take for granted this market; the Caribbean Diaspora is an important part of the Caribbean economy, which has moved beyond the island and expanded to global cities like those mentioned above. Thus marketing to the Caribbean Diaspora should be done in a more sophisticated and meaningful kind of way!

Note: If you are not sure how to reach out to the Caribbean Diaspora or what sort of marketing plan you should put in place, get in touch with Moxee Marketing, who can advise on a plan of action.

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