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Top 3 Email Marketing Services

Although there are many different ways in which you can promote your business, you shouldn’t always rush to the latest methods and technologies. While social media is a fantastic way to promote your business and engage with clients, using email to connect with customers remains a very important promotional tool. It is important to use emails correctly, and you will also find that the email service provider you use can have a huge impact on the overall quality of service you are able to provide.

For promoting your business, the three email service providers will provide effective results and suitable support: Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.


Constant Contact integrates well with Facebook

If your business is active on social media and you like an email service provider that has been designed with this in mind, Constant Contact is the ideal service. There is a huge range of templates on offer, which will help you to send out great-looking emails to all of your Facebook clients and other customers. Being able to integrate your different consumer lists in such an easy and straightforward fashion is of considerable benefit to most people, with Constant Contact adding a great deal of support in this manner. A lot of the features can be used by a drag and drop mechanisms, so if you don’t have any experience in coding, don’t worry.

This service is of considerable benefit if you intend to provide online surveys and are looking to promote events to clients. Constant Contact is not the most visual of email services, but it offers great scope for engaging with clients. Your promotional campaigns can be carried out within Constant Contact, helping you to take control of your services and undertake better analysis of your campaigns. There is a 60-day trial on offer if you would like to test drive the system without spending any money or committing yourself to use it.

Email Marketing Services: Constant Contact

MailChimp has a lot to offer

If you carry out any research on email marketing services, you will see MailChimp occurring time and time again. It is important to remember a large part of the success the company experiences is due to its promotional activities. In saying that, MailChimp is still a highly effective tool and one that is very easy to use. MailChimp offers a high degree of optimization, making it a suitable application for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

If you have little to no HTML skills, you will find that MailChimp provides a strong amount of assistance. There is a number of templates, all optimized for use within Mail Chimp, allowing you to send high-quality emails every time. MailChimp provides assistance in populating mailing lists, and there are Android and iPhone apps that integrate with the service. It is also possible to integrate MailChimp with your social media sites, and the company provides an extensive range of pricing options for business customers.

Email Marketing Services: Mailchimp

Campaign Monitor innovates on a regular basis

While the simplicity of use is integral to the success of Campaign Monitor, the company has delivered a lot of innovations in the email service sector. Like MailChimp, there is a high degree of customization available in Campaign Monitor, ensuring that every user can focus on the services and features that apply to their business. Every Campaign Monitor customer receives two sample templates, and these can be customized to suit your business color schemes.

One of the most important features that Campaign Monitor provides is a focus on analytical features. If you email clients, you want to know if your emails are being received, read, or forwarded to other people. As the name of the service suggests, Campaign Monitor is the ideal tool to monitor the overall success of your email campaigns. There is also an easy-to-use integration system with e-commerce platforms. If your business utilizes Shopify or Magento, you will find that Campaign Monitor works perfectly with it. Campaign Monitor also works well with content management systems like WordPress.

There is a range of consumer packages for Campaign Monitor, and packages can be bought for every campaign or on a rolling monthly basis.

Email Marketing Services: Campaign Monitor

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