Key Performance Indicators

Top KPIs To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Blog Content

No matter what industry your business is in, you need to be able to create plans and you need to be able to gauge the success or failure of these plans. A business that takes action and then has no way of telling if their business was a success or not will struggle to perform better in the future. Some business will say that they can tell through volume of sales if a plan is working or not but it is possible to take much greater control of your business action just by looking beyond sales figures. When it comes to digital marketing, your key performance indicators (KPI) will have a huge impact on knowing what to do next.

When it comes to your website, creating a content marketing plan and then evaluating it is of huge importance. Thankfully, there is a great range of analytical tools that will help you to determine if your content is delivering the results you are looking for.

One thing that can be of benefit is how many unique visits that your site receives. A site can have plenty of page views but they may come from a handful of select clients and guests. This is not so good if you are looking to build a large fan base. However, if you believe that you offer a specialist product in a niche industry, you may prefer to focus on the customers that are taking an in-depth interest in your website. No matter what sort of path you are taking with respect to promoting your business online, looking at unique visits provide a great starting point. It may also be that visits to a certain page are more valuable to your business that visits to other pages so keep this in mind as well.

Find out where your customers are from
It may be that the location of your prospects will be important to your promotional plans. Good analytical tools will inform you of where people are visiting your site from. Basically, if you aim to appeal to certain demographics and people from certain geographic areas, make sure you are looking at where people hail from when they land on your site.

Given the changing nature of how people are accessing the Internet, knowing how people access your site can be of importance in delivering content in the right manner. The use of mobile and smartphone devices is on the rise and if you have more mobile visitors than PC or laptop users, you may wish to optimise your content for the majority of your guests. This sort of analysis will help you to make sure visitors on your site get the best possible level of service.

Keep your customers on site
Another very important indicator of success or failure is the bounce rate of your site. If people are landing on your site and then instantly logging off, there is obviously something every unappealing about your site. You may not have problems in directing traffic towards your site but if your web content or image is of a poor standard, guests will quickly leave. Checking the bounce rate of your site can help you to work out if your content quality is engaging or not.

If you are interested in finding out the flow of traffic on your site or the click behaviour of your guests, you will find that there is plenty of support to do so. If you can control or influence the pattern of traffic around your site, you can better direct customers to where you want them to be. Firstly, understanding their current behaviour will help you to move things forward with respect to marketing and promoting to new customers.

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