Blog Content Ideas For Travel And Tourism Brands

A blog is a must for any company website as by writing and sharing content that is relevant to your prospects, customers and business partners, it not only draws them in but helps to showcase your company in the best light. And for travel and tourism brands, it’s a great tool to provide an enticing snapshot for their holiday destination. Here images work really well but the copy that accompanies these images is just as important in planting ideas about what visitors will experience on their holiday if they were indeed to visit.

Below are some brilliant blog content ideas to promote your travel and tourism brand:

Lists are always popular and Top 5 or Top 10s are always easy to do. This could be beaches, restaurants, bars or local attractions. However, don’t be afraid to go even more niche in outlining the hidden gems related to your business.

How To
People like to know what to do when they arrive on your destination or what to do when they get there. A simple how to can range from what to do when arriving at the airport or how to get into the heart of the destination. You may then want to expand and detail how to get the best cocktail in the local area or how to find the most happening club after dark.

Best Of
Again, this is another simple post and it can be like a list. For example, listing three to five of the best restaurants by cuisine type for your destination.

Mini Travel Guides
People want to know about the area from a local’s point of view. Point out the main tourist attractions but add in some local colour or knowledge along the way.

Detail local public holidays or events
If there is a big event that disrupts normal everyday life or there is a carnival or festival to look forward, write about it and let people know. This can really help people to look forward to their trip and plan accordingly.

Create a theme for your event
Different people have different hobbies. Some people love music while others want adventure. Create a post that speaks directly to people with a specific interest and let them know what they will love in your destination.

Tell people what to pack
So many people are unsure of what to pack when they go on holiday so give examples of what you need for certain areas, certain trips and at certain times of years.

Are there any good local apps?
People are using tablets and smartphones everywhere they go and they can play an integral part in a holiday. If there are lots of relevant apps for your destination that you rate, let travellers know about them.

Language guide
People always want to know about the local language or dialect so creating the most used phrases and simple pronunciation guides will be a great assistance to many people.

Interview an expert
You can add genuine insight and add value by speaking to a local expert about their job and what they think holidaymakers need to know about their trip to your destination.

Video and photo montages
Each destination has beautiful vistas, so create blog posts where people can see the beauty and majesty of the area for themselves.

Destination recipes
This style of post may be more appealing to people who have returned home after a holiday to your destination. The idea here is to provide local recipes will allow people to recapture their holiday spirit and vibe back home.

Customer testimonials
If previous clients have provided you with positive feedback, let other people know. The opinion of others is highly valued in the online era so make sure that potential customers know what your current or previous customers think.

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